The village of Sparto is perched high above the Ambracian Gulf, to reach the Villa Amalia you descend a winding country road through olive groves. At the end of the road is a high stone wall with a large iron gate flanked by two immense stone urns containing pomegranate trees. Pass through the gates and you enter a landscape that has not changed in centuries.

The road down to the house is lined with oleanders and lavender which form a border around the olive groves. From the gravel parking area next to the house you get your first glimpse of the sea.
The walkway to the house is covered with an arbour of lemon trees which opens to a courtyard planted in lavender with a fountain in the centre which emerges from an old terra cotta amphora.

Beyond the courtyard is the outdoor kitchen and dining area which features a six and a half meter long bar made from a piece of eucalyptus wood, a grill, gas range, sink, refrigerator and a traditional wood-burning oven. The massive wooden dining table seats sixteen, all under a bamboo pergola.

Beyond the dining area is an outdoor sitting room with four teakwood settees which overlook the infinity pool. Nestled past the sitting room is a mini-spa with oval stone tub, outdoor shower and massage table. Behind the spa and sitting room are three bamboo summer bedrooms which share a bathroom. These rooms are perfect for teen-age guests or extra staff.

The entrance to the house is furnished with a rustic console table and an imposing, twisted wood-framed mirror. To the left is the kitchen which has pale grey cabinets and granite countertops and features a centre island, gas range and oven, refrigerator, dishwasher and ice-maker.

Straight ahead of the entrance, the living room has linen covered sofas, rough-hewn coffee tables, plus a fireplace, sound system and large screen television. Through the balcony doors is a covered terrace with wrap around banquets piled high with plump cushions. The sea view is framed by two majestic palm trees.

To the left of the living room is the dining room which seats eight and looks out on both the sea and the infinity pool. Both sides of the pool are lined with teak wood sun loungers, while the far side has also one table and chairs suitable for tete a tete cocktails. For those who prefer their cocktails while immersed in the water, the shallow end of the pool features two swim up teak tables and a wide built in sofa.

Next to the living room there are two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The bedroom on the left side overlooks the sea and has its’ own wide screen television.The one on the right side is overlooking the lavender courtyard.
Terra cotta tiles cover the floors throughout the house.

Outside the sitting room balcony an outdoor staircase descends to the guest level. Four bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms have large shower rooms covered in granite tiles. One guest room has a fireplace, and all have their own verandas with tables and chairs, separated by walls of flowering plants.

Below the guest area a stone pathway leads down to the outdoor cinema shaded by tall trees. In the daytime this wooden decked platform is a perfect place to read and relax. A small outdoor bar with sink and refrigerator service both the cinema and the seaside deck which is on the edge of the sea. A small gate guarded by the statue of an Indonesian goddess (which doubles as a shower) opens to reveal a boat dock and diving rock for a swim in the sea.

Floor plans